Arrowhead Wholesale can help place various Casualty coverages for insureds across a broad range of industries. We can entertain liability risks of most any type, whether it be fit for the standard marketplace or the surplus lines arena. New in business? Not a problem! Claims history? Not a problem!
From the basic accounts to the sophisticated and demanding client, we have the market options for you.

  • Occurrence and claims-made
  • Construction liability-including wrap-ups and project policies
  • Premises liability-retail, restaurants, offices, bars & nightclubs
  • Product liability-Including Sporting goods, cosmetics, machinery, toys, construction, and consumer products
  • Hospitality-resorts, amusement parks, casinos, hotel/motel
  • Habitational-apartments, subsidized housing, condos
  • Differences in Conditions-Includes Earthquake, with the ability to add EQSL, Flood, and Building Ordinance Coverage
  • Distressed Property-Vacant, Bank-Owned, Pre-1900 Construction

The markets we represent are a product of our partnership with our agents by listening to their needs and providing a broad base of products that give brokers the best opportunity to grow their business.
Each account is pre-underwritten to ensure only the most competitive and best-fit markets are approached.  Our goal is to maximize efficiencies in the submission-to-quote process so you are not left waiting for a quote when the placement needs to be sold.

A sampling of the clients we can put together an insurance solution for:

  • Developers
  • General Contractors (Up to 100% of their work Subcontracted to others)
  • Subcontractors (all types including structural, finish and specialty)
  • Manufacturers, Importers, and Distributors of construction equipment and materials
  • Design Professionals
  • Environmental
  • Infrastructure
  • Railroad
Construction General Liability

With over 25 years of experience underwriting and brokering construction risks, Arrowhead Wholesale has built a Construction practice supported by industry veterans and knowledgeable brokers, with access to a broad portfolio of products. Whether it is an annual CGL policy for a remodeling contractor or a complex OCIP policy for a partially completed development, we have the market knowledge, the experience, and the company relationships to put together the right insurance program for your client.

Construction risks can be quite complex, requiring a thorough understanding of your client’s operations and their contractual obligations. We are particularly effective in developing comprehensive solutions for those risks with loss problems, difficult or unique coverage needs, as well as exceptionally hazardous or unique operations.

Here are some examples of construction policies we can put together for you:

  • Commercial General Liability
  • Commercial Package (Auto, Inland Marine/Equipment, and Property)
  • OCIPs and CCIPs – Project Specific or Rolling Wrap-Ups
  • Project Specific – Subcontractors are not included as a Named Insured
  • OCP or Owner’s Interest Liability
  • Railroad Protective
  • Pollution/Environmental
  • Builder’s Risk / Course of Construction
  • Umbrella & Excess Liability – over any of the above policies

For complete coverage information contact us today!

Submission Requirements:

Acord Applications (125, 126, 140)
General Liability Supplemental (As required by industry – i.e. Construction, Mfg, Importer, Habitational)
5 years of currently valued loss runs (within 90 days)
New ventures or lapses in coverage are accepted

Email submissions to:; Fax submissions to: 866.840.5330