Q: Where do I send new business submissions?
A: Email your complete submission to submissions@awisgroup.com or fax (866) 840-5330.

Q: What is a “Wholesale” agent?
A: AWIS is a wholesale agent that serves as an intermediary between Insurance Agents and Carriers.  AWIS has built quality and long-standing relationships with  a variety of carriers and agents which serves to expand the business of all.

Q: I am the insured…who should I call with questions regarding my policy?
A: As a wholesale agent, AWIS serves as a liaison between the agent and the carrier. Any inquiries regarding policies should be directed at the insurance agent with whom the business was placed or the customer service department of the carrier with whom your policy was placed.

Q: How do I get my agency appointed with AWIS?
A: See our Become a Producer Partner Page.

Q: I have general questions about AWIS; who can I contact?
A: Contact our front desk at (866) 840-5329 and we will be happy to direct your call to the appropriate department.  Fax inquiries to (866) 840-5330.

Q: Where can I mail a payment overnight?
A: AWIS’s physical address is:
Arrowhead Wholesale Insurance Services, LLC – 3333 Camino Del Rio South #340 / San Diego, CA 92108

Q: Where can I send payments (not overnight)?
A: AWIS’s mailing address is:
Arrowhead Wholesale Insurance Services, LLC – P.O. Box 880689 / San Diego, CA 92168-0689

Service Center

Submission Requests submissions@awisgroup.com; Fax: (866) 840-5330
Service & Endorsement Requests endorsements@awisgroup.com; Fax: (866) 840-5330
Loss Run Requests lossruns@awisgroup.com;  Fax: (866) 840-5330

Frequently Requested Endorsements

Waiver of Subrogation / Job Exposure Worksheet
Acord 45 – Additional Interest
Acord 25 – Certificate of Liability Insurance
Acord 35 – Cancellation Request
Acord 36 – Agent Broker of Record Change

Direct Bill Commission Cycle

Below is a quick run down of our commission cycle for direct bill policies:

Our office will issue commission checks approximately 5 weeks after the commission period closes (the close of the month which the commission was bound in).  AWIS will receive carrier commission statements spanning the month following the close of the period (anywhere from the 5th to the 30th depending on the carrier).  Then after posting all commission statements during this time period, AWIS will subsequently issue commission checks to go out by the 7th of the following month.

AWIS works to remit the commission checks to our retail agents as soon as possible and the commission cycle is on a very timely schedule.  The most common lags which occur in the commission cycle are due to the insured making late payment to the carrier after their commission period has already closed.

Please see the example below for the current month:

Direct bill commissions bound in July 2010 will be issued by September 7, 2010 to retail agents.  There is a lag time of 1.5 months total.  AWIS will receive July Commission Statements from the carrier during the month of August.  Once we receive all the Commission Statements, we then start to enter and process them during the second half of August.  After all July Commission Statements have been worked, our deadline is to cut all agent commission checks in one batch for the month and mail them out by September 7th to be received before the middle of the month.

Payment Instructions

Please find below different options available in order to remit payment in a timely and effective manner.

Online Payment * (Preferred Method of Payment) *

Go to the following secured website to submit a payment online to Arrowhead Wholesale Insurance Services. http://paynow.biz/Rcab.
Submitting payment online will expedite the process and ensure that it is received directly to our Accounting Dept for processing.  You will receive an receipt for confirmation of your payment.

Mail Checks

If you are mailing your payment to our office via the US Postal Services please remit and make all checks payable to our lock box:
Arrowhead Wholesale Insurance Services, LLC – P.O. Box 880689 / 
San Diego, CA 92168-0689

Overnight Address

If payment needs to be expedited and the options above are not utilized, then please remit payment to our physical address below:
Arrowhead Wholesale Insurance Services, LLC – 
3333 Camino Del Rio South #340 / San Diego, CA  92108

Finance Agreements
  • If an outside finance company is remitting funds, payment should be sent directly to Arrowhead Wholesale in order that full payment be posted to the policy.
  • All payments must be received by the due date.  Overdue items are subject to cancellations.
  • New Policies / Renewals: 20 days from effective date, unless otherwise indicated. Endorsements: 20 days from Invoice date.
  • Any payments not honored by your financial institution and returned unpaid, will be subject to NSF fees which your agency will be held responsible for incurring.
  • At this time, AWIS is not able to accept payment over the phone and payment via credit card.